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Bøjen Er Blind (2015)

Bøjen Er Blind (2015)

Bøjen Er Blind (2015)

[The Buoy is Blind]

Darkness, string trio, bass guitar, singer, three mechanical "buoys" and quadrophonic trigonal in four axis rotation aka chaos leslie aka bob. Each buoy is waving up and down in individual tempos and acts as mechanical conductors for each of the strings, making polytemporal relationship between them.
The electronic sounds from the chaos leslie are dictating the form of the piece and the musicians are relating to this.

Premiered at RAMA Festival 2015 at Music Hall Aarhus.

Dur. 8:30 min.

Vocals: Sidsel Ben Semmane
Violin: Daniel Mortensen
Celli: Benedikte Borum Poulsen & Emma Axelsson
Bass: Kristian Outinen